5 Ways to invite positive energy into your home

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

I spend most of my time home. It is where I work, I make my family dinners, where I read, where I practice my yoga and where I rest my head. Energy flows through everything, through your body and your home.  Your home should be your sanctuary  place.

There might be times you feel your mood down or off. Then there’s days you feel happier and more intuned with being home. Positivity needs to be invited into your home, and your life in general. I want to share ways I invite and maintain positive energy in my home.

Clear The Clutter  

A cluttered home creates a cluttered mind.   There have been times I walk into my apartment and say to myself, I can’t think straight let me clean up! What does one have to do with the other? Well a lot! The best way to invite positive energy into your home and your energy space is by removing the mess, the confusion, the clutter. I can guarante there are items in your home right now that you have thought about getting rid of. Some items can have negative energy attached to them, some things you probably haven’t touched or used in the last 6 months, or even year.  These things are blocking the entrance of good positive energy. Remove and purge that closet, or that desk, or drawer! Clean and organize your home, the refreshing feeling you will experience when all is done will be priceless.

Light Candles/Diffuse Oils  

The hubby and I have always been huge candle lovers. He even proposed using 50 red candles.  We love the smell and the mood it sets in the apartment. It relaxes and soothes the air. I consider candles  a source of healing. It is comforting knowing that certain candles have specific meanings.  My major candle is a yellow healing Solar Plexus candle.  This candle provides purpose and the ability to maintain control of  my life.Oil diffuser


I must be honest, recently being introduced to essential oils, encouraged me to purchase my first oil diffuser. I have learned that one it is safer especially around children and two it can clear the air from negative energy. Pick up some upbeat oils like Lavender, or Tangerine and invite all the happy positive vibrations into your home and body!

Pictures/frames with positive messages

The same way you clear out  your home from items that have negative attachment to it.   You should have items in your home that bring you happiness, positive reminders and good memories.  I have small canvases and positive affirmation quotes around my home. One of my favortie one is the one that states “Good Things Are Coming”.  I also have pictures of my family and a small Buddha and few elephant statues. These are the items that bring joy to my heart. Seeing these things around are a constant reminder of why I am  determined to become the best soul I can be.

Experiencing feelings of happiness, security, love, and positivity allows for those vibrations to live within your home. Your home will receive those feelings and turn them into your natural habitat. Ever walked into someone’s home and it felt “cozy” or “peaceful”? Those vibes live there and are brought through the owners actions and lifestyle.

Soothing music

Open up your windows, let the fresh air and natural sun light flow through your home. Turn the music on, I listen to Pandora radio station, Meditation by the sea. Although I might not live by the sea, or have waterfall sounds outside my window, I create them.  I create my vibes. Music helps with the creation of  moods it helps lifts my spirits . Many people refer to music as therapy,  and it is.  Music is proven to help reduce anxiety and it helps the body and mind cope with stress. Above all music brings life. It brings life into you, your home, your work place, your car, your gym/work-out, your body and your universe. During my hardest days I can always count on music. Get into the habit of putting on some tunes and bring your vibrations of positivity to another level.

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants Lucky Bamboo Plants Good energyare also  known as Lucky Bamboo.  These plants are  considered lucky because they bring a healing and peaceful energy into your home. It is said that this lucky bamboo plant will bring the best of luck when you receive it as a gift. They have to be placed properly in a home and taken care of.  These plants are easy to care for, even a poorly kept bamboo can live for a very long time. I suggest do not neglect them, they should be in your home to bring you love, health, prosperity and much more!   It is said that the type of luck and blessing you receive will depend on the number of bamboo stalks you use, that is why sometimes you see them sold separately. For instance I have one with 7 stalks, which symbolizes good health! These lucky leaves attract good energy and good vibes.

There are so many ways to invite good energy into your home and your environment. I shared my top 5 picks and things I do and practice to bring peace of mind and joy to the heart. I encourage you to pick one and try it out! Believe in it, and  watch the difference it will make in your life.

“Positive energy can heal the universe”

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.


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