5 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

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The universe has a way of showing you what you need to see, your job is to believe and trust the process. I know many believe in the law of attraction,  but in reality the law of vibration should come first.  If you want to improve and have control of your life, your relationship with money or love or people, you must understand the law of vibration.  To raise your vibration simply means that everything moves and you must connect and become aligned with what you want to achieve in life. The vibration  your in is what will attract what comes into your life. You will get what you put out, so make sure whatever energy you are putting out to the world is helpful, useful and positive.

5 ways to raise your vibrations


I am sure you have heard before that when you want to achieve something in life, your mind and thoughts have to get to your destination first.  You have to decide and be VERY clear in what you want.  Do not let out any confusion to the universe about what you are going to achieve, It is not about what you want to achieve, but what your are going to achieve. Be as detailed as possible, but also be very realistic.

If you are  hesitant or even question what you want to achieve then that is the vibration you are putting out, you are releasing doubt and worries. Don’t even question the how… how am I going to reach this goal? That is for the universe to deliver to you.  Your job is to make sure you know what you want, put it out into the universe plant your seed and water it. You can not expect anything to grow from a place you have yet to plant in or water.


You have to feel it to be in it. This is where manifestation is found. You have decided what you want to achieve, now what are the steps you are going to take to work with the universe to provide the outcome you want? Your daily routine should include something that will be a reality to what you are eventually trying to achieve in your life.

If you decide my main goal in life is to be healthy, then your daily routine should include better eating habits, or a self care act that can help your soul feel happy and at ease. You are taking steps to feel good, to feel happy.  This is the key. If you want to see change in your life, you have to FEEL GOOD. You have to feel good about yourself, about your decisions, about your surroundings and your environment.


Most great things are felt not seen. You have to believe in yourself and your goals. Believe that there is a greater energy force.  You see everyone is different, but I truly believe you should have a spiritual connection with a source bigger than you.  A source of inspiration and guidance. In my case it is God and the Universe, they both go hand in hand and respond in miracles.  Albert Einstein once said we are all made of energy, and energy never ends it just transforms.  Believe in this energy and the power of imagination.

“Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”- Albert Einstein

Let go

You must be willing to let go of anger, negativity, people or things that no longer benefit you. By doing so you automatically open up the door for better feelings and emotions to enter, resulting in a higher vibration. The best thing I did with my actions was recognizing when something just didn’t feel right. If I feel that my peace or energy is being tested and not respected then I make the decision to remove myself. You can not depend on others to clear your energy. If it doesn’t feel right then  drop it, I simply just let it go. Maybe you can come back to it, at a better time when everything aligns better with you. But remember in the long run it is up to you to find a balance between letting go and holding on.

 Act & Stay positive

I know it is easier said then done. Just because you decide to have a positive mind-set doesn’t mean you will never have bad thoughts. It only means that you are going to acknowledge the good, or learn from all the situations you might encounter. Staying positive and calm is something that needs to be constantly practiced. Take action, take the small steps you need to get the ball rolling. Choose happy, choose peace and if you have to it is ok to choose silence.

“The happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”-Marc and Angel


If  you know me personally or have been following my journey,  you would know that the universe and God are a huge part of my vocabulary.  I think every other word out my mouth is “that’s the universe” or “everything happens for a reason, just trust the process”.   The only difference now is that I read books, watch movies, and listen to seminars that help me process all the thoughts in my head.

By reading this and implementing ways to raise your vibration you have already started your journey of mindfulness. Below I list some of my favortie inspirational books, and movies.  Feel free to add some of your own below in the comment section.  These are a few things that have helped me stay focused and in my lane of Good Vibes Only!!!


The Power of Now

The Universe Has your Back

Finding your North Star

God Wears Lipstick (Can help you understand relationships)- Kabbalah Teachings


The Secret (Netflix)

Eat Pray Love

Steve Jobs

The Theory of Everything


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