5 ways to prepare for body transformation

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

So you want to lose weight, but you want it fast and easy? Your thoughts manipulate you to see results right away, then you jump on the scale and realize nothing. We live in a world that fast results is all we  have “time” for. But then you cheat yourself out of the process and the progress. Just remember that a little progress everyday is still progress.

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

Mnetal and physical body transformation

After my diagnosis I turned to meditation and prayer.  When I prayed I spoke to God and when I meditated and sat in silence, I listened for a  response. This was the beginning of my mental transformation.  I became dependant on deep breathes and positive affirmations. I strongly believe in the energy source, the universe!  It was the beginning of a shift of thoughts. Distancing myself from anything or anyone that disturbed my new mindset. Some people just didn’t get it, and that’s ok. All this lead me to learn more about yoga which eventually lead me to be mindful of my food intake.   Although I feel that I am capturing the mental part of transformation, I turned to my fiancé for the physical part. Below I share what steps I took that helped me through my process.


  1. Mentally prepare yourself and set your goal

With anything in life, if you want to accomplish something you have to not only set your goal you also have to physically write it down in a planner, or somewhere you can see it daily.  I am huge with writing things down and crossing things off,  or you can use digital apps, there’s a ton of them to help you stay on track.  With your planner you  write down a schedule on your calendar of the days that you will be attending the gym, this gives you the ability to make yourself  available.  Also write down the workouts that you will like to try.  Figure out what works for you. This will allow you to look forward to your workout and know what to expect when walking into a gym or even starting your yoga routine.

  1. Invest in a Body Cleanser to help remove toxins

Reading, meditating and distance from negativity are all ways to remove the toxins from your daily life.  But the toxins in your body are just as important. A 10 or 14 day body cleanse is recommended to give your body a fresh start and to help you loose some weight and remove toxins. This process should definitely be started in the beginning of your journey. There are different forms you can do a cleanser.  I used BaeTea, for my fresh start.  Being a big tea girl, it was easy, tasty and resourceful. I lost 3 pounds with the tea alone.  There are also smoothie cleansers. Although smoothies are more maintaince they are actually a good way to start a smooth transition, due to the fact that smoothies are more gentle on your body and digestive system.

  1. Purge the Fridge

Clean out your fridge and cabinets from foods and condiments that will harm your lifestyle. The less temptation the better. But if you need a little snack peanuts, almonds, cashew’s are good snacks.  High sodium condiments should  be replaced with low sodium products. Get familiar with reading labels and ingredients, NOT just calories.  The fridge is not the only thing we need to purge.  Sit down and purge bad vibes, bad thoughts and free your mind.  It is simple, if you don’t have “bad” food in the fridge you wont eat it, and if you don’t allow bad thoughts in your head it wont consume you!

  1. Buy Vitamins

The body needs vitamins so I recommend taking the basics Multi Vitamins, Fish Oil pills, and Immune system booster. Vitamins are essential because it helps prevent your body from  diseases and disorders. It helps boost your bodies natural duties.

  1. Control your Portions

Eating can be a form to distress or outlet for some people, or a happy place for others.  My highest recommendation if in the beginning you find it too hard to give up certain carbs or fatty foods, either find a substitute or just eat smaller portions of whatever it is.  Start with finding the nutrients which are Carbs, Fats and proteins that work for you. This will allow you to get a better understanding of ur food portion intake for each meal.


Are  you ready to make these small adjustments to your life, mentally and physically?

Write down your goal, what is keeping you from your goal, and lastly, what needs to change NOW for you to reach your goal!


“If you don’t  change nothing,  nothing will change”

 change is good

Till next Wednesday!



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