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Today I have an amazing interview to share with you that will show you guys how important it is to connect with people that understand your lifestyle and different ideas to self-care.  To connect and collaborate with an amazing like minded blogger Brennon Hightower was such a great learning experience. Brennon is Illinois based and loves to travel. We both feel very strongly about certain topics. We connected through Instagram and have developed a great bound ever since.

One topic that stood out to me the most was her belief that self care should happen more often through out the day then just at night”.  She is a believer in mediation and so am I and she also enjoys tea, so do I!  I became curious and decided to take some time and interview Brennon, just to see what else I can learn from her self-care routine and lifestyle.

I shared a few ways I self-care two weeks ago, but wanted to take the time and share with you guys different ways others might practice self care. There could never be enough ways, some might work better then others.  I also understand, that we all have busy hectic lives and maybe self-care is not on the top of your to do list. Brennon shares with us the best way you can implement self-care even with a busy life. Check out our interview below.

Brennon, how do you define self-care?

Personally, I believe self-care is appropriately taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. This does not necessarily mean simply pampering yourself with high-end, professional services, but learning what works for you personally to keep you feeling revived and ready to take on the next day.

What self-care activity do you do to take care of yourself  physically?

To care for myself physically, I enjoy being in nature walking, hiking, and/or camping. I also enjoy scented baths and showers, as well as resting while having a facial mask.

What self-care activity do you do to take care of yourself  mentally?

To care for myself mentally, I create and focus on my affirmations and/or focus words. Right now, my two focus words are “Action” and “Worthiness”. I enjoy reading inspiring books and journaling. I also enjoy listening to healing crystals meditation music while relaxing and meditating.

 What self-care activity helps you feel your best?

To feel my best, I enjoy taking a few hours to relax and combine a variety of self-care acts such as having a cup of tea while reading or having a relaxing shower or bath followed by listening to meditation music while burning white sage or incense.

I noticed your a busy mom, traveller and blogger. How do you fit in time for self-care in your busy life?

In order for me to take care of myself in this busy world, I have to be intentional about my self-care; which means sometimes, I block time off in my planner for me, just as if I were scheduling an appointment for something else. This year has been most intentional I have been in all my life. Everyday, I am learning more and more to slow down and take better care of myself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and if you want to learn more about self-care, gratitude and even traveling tips click here to subscribe to Brennon’s blog.

I am so glad I started my blog, it has opened me up to so many people and opportunities. Learning, communicating and seeing other walks of life has been such a blessing.  I am forever grateful to everyone who has joined this journey with me. Thank you so much to Brennon from JustBrennonBlog, for allowing me to interview her and share her story on my blog.


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  • I love this! Thank you Juny for sharing this. I believe that self care is so important. I’ve learned that once you take the time to focus on yourself everything else in life falls into place. Life becomes more peaceful.

    • I am so Glad you enjoyed it! Just keep in my mind we are all trying to balance a life with self care love and peace!!! We are in this journey together!


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