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In life if you want something you have to go for it, you have to push yourself against all odds and get it. No, it may not be easy, but it is possible. Happiness is created, and once created it must be nourished, and that’s the only way you will see it flourish. You will face times and moments of doubt, of sadness or fear, but those emotions can pass by if you just continue to pursue your happiness. Below I list the 5 simple ways I used to not only feel happier but most important it helped me maintain my happiness.


1. 5 minutes of  silence and gratitude

Starting and ending my day with a few quite minutes in gratitude makes all the difference to me.  In the morning, as soon as I open my eyes I close them again and begin my thank yous! Minutes of gratitude can be as simple as I am alive today, Thank you!  I personally go into it much deeper, this girl right here has so much to be thankful for!  I also visualize my day, and I plan on staying positive through everything and everybody I might encounter. In the night, before bed I make sure to say my Thank you’s again! Thank you for the clouds, thank you for the air, Thank you for the earth! We would not be able to survive without any of these things. Who does she say thank you to?

You see everyone is different, but I truly believe you should have a spiritual connection with a source bigger than you. A source of inspiration and guidance.  In my case its God and the Universe, they go hand in hand and both speak in miracles.

 2. Don’t be so harsh on yourself/love yourself

You have to love yourself flaws and all, this is the first step in finding true happiness.  Learn and realize you do not need anything or anyone else to make you happy, all you need is yourself.  Free yourself from depending on others, from disappointments, and free those around you from the pressure to keep you happy.  You literally become a better person to be around and your energy becomes addicting.  Remember that you are the one that has to live with yourself for the rest of your life, make it a good, learning and loving journey.

3. Limit complains

Have you ever met people that literally wake up complaining? Everything bothers them, they have a problem for every solution, literally.   I call these people the “Cranky Pants”.  The first step in controlling that negative energy is recognizing the “Cranky Pants” in your life, and if it is YOU, stop the shenanigans!  Don’t be a Cranky Pants, do not use whatever bit of energy you might have in a day on something that doesn’t make you happy, or provides you growth. Be honest with yourself. Do you usually start your day cussing, or breathing heavy about to explode?  You can start simple, limit yourself to one complain a day until you can go on to have no complains a day! Then your free! No Judging, No anger, No mess, just blessed!Happiness healthy love life

 4.  Watch or read something funny

This is a good one! Laughter has the power to naturally heal.  Laughter release endorphins, which is the bodies natural chemicals that help reduce pain and stress. Make it a habit to read or watch something you find funny. That feeling when you can’t breathe and your belly hurts and release your mind from pain and stress even if its temporarily. My family and I every week try to watch something funny on TV. I find the greatest pleasure seeing my boys (fiancé and son) just laughing, that sound alone makes me feel accomplished. Of course when I start laughing they have a ball, due to my MS I usually have to run to the bathroom! It is what it is, if you can’t beat it, embrace it and just laugh it off!

5. Limit social Media/unfollow negative people

I know, I get it! Your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat and many more are your life! And it’s fine as long as you have positive use of it. Maybe your learning from it, maybe your keeping in touch with family, maybe you are teaching others how to be happy (wink)!  Those are all great reasons to have social media. BUT if your doing harm to others, allowing other’s comments to do harm to you, posting negativity or lies about your life or others, then it needs to be limited.  Its only doing harm to yourself and distracting you from real life.

Start by clearing out those Cranky Pants from your friend list, and removing any comments or pictures that destroy your image as a person.  Don’t give people to much, leave some stuff for the imagination and live in the moment.

Are you ready to make the steps necessary to start being happy? I am so glad you are here, even if you don’t practice all 5 steps, choose one and give it your all. “Small progress everyday is still progress”.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind”-Unknown







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