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5 painless things you can be grateful for TODAY

To live in gratitude helps me focus on all the good, even if its just for a few minutes. In those minutes, I leave no room for negative thoughts, sadness or fear. I’m in Gratitude Mode! When I am in this mode all my sentences start with the two magical words “I AM”. These two simple words help your mind and body become one.

In my mind, the universe responds to who I believe I am and to what I know I have. The two most harmful words to have in your vocabulary  are “I WANT”.  If you replace “I WANT” with “I AM” I can assure you that your mind and body will feel the difference. “I want” gives out the message that you are lacking something, and that is not what you want to speak out to the universe, you want to be abundant of all things. Right?

1. I Am….Grateful to be alive and breathing

Today you woke up, your breathing and you will have an amazing day! Something as simple as that statement can change the outcome of your entire day. I love to take the time out and acknowledge I am HERE. It is only fair you give yourself credit that you made it another day. Our lives on this earth are limited, why not make the best of what we have today? What do you want to be remembered for? Breathe and realize that there are things you already have that someone else might be praying for.

2. I AM…Grateful for the food on the table

When I sit back and realize how many people in the world are unable to have a meal a day, is very heart breaking. I am not going to lie, food is so expensive now and days. Especially since we buy organic food and have been avoiding the not so healthy things. But, being able to have  something to eat and get through your day with a full belly is truly a blessing.

3. I AM…Grateful I have fresh water to drink

Water is something that we all need. You might think it is not a big deal, but there are millions of people that do not have access to clean water. I am grateful for having clean water to shower, clean water to cook, to clean my apartment, to wash my clothes, and most importantly safe water to drink. I am grateful I can provide this for my son. There are so many children dying because of dehydration or maybe drinking contaminated water that it breaks my heart. I remember in college, for my public speaking class I was asked to put together a project that can help change the world, and I picked the topic of providing safe water to those in need, I called my project the Blue-Zone. One day I hope to join that movement and help nourish any child in need.

4. I AM…Grateful to have access to the internet

The internet is soooooo huge. It can be good and beneficial just as much as bad and taunting. I am grateful that the internet has allowed so many people to learn, grow, and share their story. This act alone can help empower, motivate, and inspire you to be better and greater. Unfortunately, you also hear horrific stories. Stories of bullying, death, drugs, riots and negative language. Yes the internet is great, but be grateful you are able to filter to your liking. You don’t have to be open to hear or see all negative, you can choose to follow inspirational things. Granted it is so accessible, but do you want to fill your head with constant bad things and experience feelings of hurt, and sadness? NO! You want to experience joy, laughter and inspiration! Your body and mind react differently to both, so choose wisely!

5. Last but not least on my list, I AM Grateful I can read and write

If it wasn’t for these two fundamentals I would not be able to be here right now expressing my thoughts and you wouldn’t be here right now reading them!!! Being able to read and write are such powerful tools. These tools help you mark your place in this world. You can speak up against what you don’t want or like. Yes everyone CAN do this, but some choose not to. Some might not even know how to. I recommend those people to know you have a gift to voice your thoughts and concerns, maybe you don’t want to scream it out aloud but write them down. As soon as you write it down, these words become physical and real, be ready to share. Your story can help someone else, but it will free you first. I AM grateful your able to read this message.

I found that the more grateful I became and the more time I invested in giving thanks, the more blessings I received. When I set my mind to live with a Gratitude Attitude, it just sends a message out to the universe that I see and appreciate everything in front of me at this very moment.

“I opened two gifts this morning, they were my eyes”
Have a Happy and Healthy Hump Day!






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