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“Health is a crown that the healthy wear, but only the sick can see”.  I feel the same way about pregnancy.  A healthy pregnancy is something many women seek and want. For some women just the process of getting pregnant is difficult and sometimes questionable. You might have great health and be able to get pregnant without any issues or complications, that is  truly a blessing.  Others might have some health issues, and getting pregnant is a big obstacle in their lives. Going naturally might not be for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I want to help encourage those women with difficulties to try a natural remedy I myself have tried.

Before my son, I  considered myself pretty healthy and no major sickness or disease was detected. I was told by doctors that I did have a fibroid and cystic ovaries. I suffered a great deal of pain every month due to this condition, but I did not think it will make it difficult to start a family. When me and my fiancé started to try to have a baby, like every other young women I expected it to happen right away, but it didn’t. After talking with my GYN and him knowing my condition he recommended I try La Sra. Muller.

The anxious feeling of I will try anything kicked in and I went and purchased my first bottle.  I drank it everyday 2 times a day and stopped a week before my period. I made sure to drink it while ovulating, but NOT when on my period.  It took me six months to get pregnant with my son but it was well worth it.  Now dont get discouraged, I have heard some women get pregnant within three months, everyone is different.


What is La Senora Muller?

Senora Muller is a vegetable compound  product that is imported from the Dominican Republic. This product can be found in certain pharmacies or on Amazon. It is a form of a herbal supplement, young or adult women can use it to maintain good health. It helps with fibroids, cyst, periods and fertility, naturally. DO NOT take this while pregnant.  Keep in my mind that usually the use of herbal supplements with certain meds are not recommended but to be sure I would ask your doctor . This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. I am not a doctor, only providing my review and opinion on the product.  I want to share what worked for me.

Baby pregnant naturalIngredients:

Black Haw Bark

Dogwood Bark

Chamomile Flower

Orange Peel Bitter

Gentian Root Bark

Vitamen B-1

Wine (Yes wine)


Works as a reproductive system cleanser

Regulates Periods

Increases Fertility

Breaks apart cyst

Helps with fibroids


Taste (although some people don’t mind it)

Smells funny

Heavier periods (also because I had fibroids)

Although, my neurologist told me that I can’t get pregnant right now due to the medication I am on for my Multiple Sclerosis, there is  hope that one day I will try again.  Having Multiple Sclerosis and being pregnant doesn’t affect the baby or the mom to be, which is great news.  Research has shown that many women during pregnancy find their MS symptoms to stay the same or even get better.  My nuero did mention the difficult part comes after you give birth. Due to the fact that MS is such an unpredictable disease, it is not for certain that my symptoms will get worse or better or stay the same, it will be a risk I will have to take. But one thing is for sure I will be taking my dose of Senora Muller when that day does come.

I hope this helped and encourages those who have been trying to get pregnant to trust something new and different. I loved this product because it was affordable, easy to follow and allowed some hope at the end of the tunnel.  Anything can be accomplished with a little prayer, faith and natural remedies.

You can read further reviews on La Senora Muller  Here.

“Even miracles take a little time” -Fairy God Mother

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