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This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

I have never been the type to go to the gym and sweat and work out until I am in pain.  I get it, everyone needs some type of exercise.   But I want to share that I started with simple yoga! At home all on my own and some youtube videos and my sticky yoga mat.  I started with 10 minutes of stretching and breathing.  I found it so peaceful and after a week of just 10 minutes, my body already felt the difference.  Nothing major but I definitely felt more flexible and breathing at ease. I learned to enjoy something at my pace and it felt good.

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

I am still working on my balance, and the vrikasana pose, also known as the “Tree Pose” is the main one I  practice for balance. There are so many poses but the flexibility yoga allows your brain to have is far more intriguing.  What I have loved the most is being able to share this with my son and fiancé.   I saw how my body gracefully enjoyed beginners yoga and what I was actually capable of, I wanted more! Now due to my condition my doctors of course want me to fit exercise into my schedule, But “Juny do not over do it” they say! So I turned to my personal trainer, A.K.A my fiancé!

Willy is the huge gym guru in the relationship! He has always been into fitness and health.  We have been together for eight years and I never asked him to help me with fitness, so when I asked him to suggest a few beginner work outs to build my stamina and strength he was alllllll for it! He signed me up at a gym, and has been super supportive.  My gym routine is also very doable.  In the beginning, I didn’t want to overwork myself because I knew I would not come back! So the routine Willy gave me worked perfectly.  Below I list the simple ways he suggested I should start as a beginner in the gym, one day we work on upper body and the second day we work out lower body.

Simple Lower Body Work-Outs:

  1. Don’t forget to Stretch- Stretching? yes I can do that! I’ve been doing yoga so when he asked me to stretch I was so ready! My favortie stretches baby pose, butterfly, pigeon, and
  2. 3 sets of 15 Step ups holding weights.  I enjoy this work out.  It is a good one to start with, I prefer step ups from lunges. Although both exercises are good for working out all the muscles in the legs.   Personally step ups are less awkward, especially due to the fact I have balance issues.
  3. Inner and outer Hip and leg machines.
  4. The good old Squat- Will has me squat holding weights.  He makes sure there’s a bench below me, this helps me sit and do a complete squat with ease. 3 sets of 12 squats, with a 30 second rest period in between.  The 30 second rest period is essential.  This helps your body build the stamina you need to help increase the amount you do or weight you hold.
  5. I then end with a nice cardio session, I started with just 10 minutes on the treadmill. Alternating every other 30 sec running then walking.  I can now do a comfortable mile, but hoping to push two miles soon.
  6. Don’t forget to stretch AGAIN! Ending your workout in a nice stretch and relaxing state is the cherry on top. It helps me to wind down and enjoy the feeling of accomplishing my workout and getting a good start to my day!

Simple Upper Body Work-Outs:

  1. I don’t usually stretch in the beginning for the upper body.  But, by all means go for it, if you want!
  2. I start with arms and chest.  I do what’s called “Chest Flies” on the smith machine.
  3. Biceps and triceps
  4. I then move to shoulders
  5. A good transition from shoulders, is to work out your back (yoga back stretches work best for me).
  6. I finish with a good stretch! Again it just a good cool down mentally and physically.

As a reminder I do all these exercises in sets of 3’s with 30-60 sec rest periods.  I do two days in the gym and three days of Yoga which consist of heavy stretching and working on my balance, and FUN. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you.  Maybe yoga alone will be your thing! It was my only type of exercise for a long time before Willy signed me up to the gym.  Yoga is for everyone.  It improves full body strength, it trains you  to be mindful, and helps with the control of emotions. Do not get discouraged, or even say I can’t do it. You can do it, and remember that if you allow your mind to fail first, your body will have no choice but to follow.  I strongly believe its all in your mind-set. So set yourself up to win!

“The body achieves what the mind believes”

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Teach them happiness starts from within! Just breathe and feel the energy around you! #motivationmonday #staypositive #mindfulmommy #mindfulmama




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