Pros and Cons of Social Media

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I will be completely honest, I have never had any social media personal accounts. You can say I keep things very low key.  Someone once even told me, “OMG it’s like you don’t even exist Juny”.   The accounts I did start are all for business purposes.  I want to be accessible to my community, supporters and followers. To me personal accounts were way too personal for my own comfort.

 I didn’t want to open myself up to experience other people’s depression, sadness, and demons. But the most dangerous thing of all, seeing and experiencing others insecurities was not something I wanted to be a part of.  By having accounts specifically for my niche allowed me to read and have access to the tribe I want and I enjoyed, a tribe with similar likes and habits.


Social Media Pros

  1. Keeping In-touch

Social media has been a blessing to many people searching for family or old friends. It has made it so much easier for people to re-connect and catch up with those you might have lost connection with. Facebook has been huge for some people to even find biological family members, or new family members they didn’t even know existed.  It is so simple to stay connected with social media.  It only takes a few seconds to like and react to someone’s picture! Something so simple can make your loved ones and family feel appreciated and acknowledge.  Sometimes you don’t want to be talking on the phone all the time, but do take the time to share, like, and show love on your long lost cousin’s page!

  1. Business

Social media has been a huge head start to many businesses.  Even the small mom&pop shops get more recognition through social media.  Before there was so much money that had to be spent for advertising and awareness.  Now just open up a free social media page start following and liking in your niche and BOOM you have your audience and customers! Of course there are certain remedies that give better results depending on the platform you use, but all are mostly free and accessible within seconds. When I decided to start my blog, I knew I enjoyed two major platforms, Instagram and Pinterest.  These two have been my main focus. The only bad thing is that when I focus so much on Pinterest and Instagram , I slack on all the other platforms out there. But I am working on it,  because the more you dedicate your time to your people the more support you will receive in return.

  1. Network

Networking is one of the main reasons I decided to join social media. Once I started connecting with those suffering and facing similar challenges as me, it felt empowering.  I was learning from others all around the world from Dubai all the way to  Australia. Networking and communicating with people all the around the world has shown me that I am not alone through this journey of seeking mental and physical health.  It also has given me the insights on what others are doing around the world, and their way of fighting through their personal battle.

  1. Teach and learn

Everyone has a story and a journey to share.  I never imagined sharing my story would open the doors to so many people.  Even more surprising never thought I would enjoy it. Use your social media accounts to connect to learn and to teach others.  Another thing I have learned and want to make sure I emphazise on is knowing when to disconnect. This is part of the learning process.  Social media should not be causing stress or anxiety. Not everything needs to be shared.  Leave certain things for yourself to enjoy and be mindful of your surroundings. Learn to create memories only for your heart to see.

Social Media Cons

  1. Fake Expectations

Now we all have insecurities, there is something we all battle or try to hide, but sometimes people take things to another level on social media. Most people do not practice what they post. So many people hiding behind their social media accounts and not being true to themselves.  Don’t they know keeping up with their  “pretend life” is more work then keeping up with their real life. My may concern is how the younger generation takes this information in.  These expectations are the main cause of insecurities.  Regardless the age, there is just too much exposure.  Everything is so out in the open, is hard to keep a private life. But trust me, a private life is a happy life!

  1. Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-bullying and bullying in general has become such a huge epidemic.  People of all ages can be affected by cyber bullying.  It is so scary when I see all the deaths that result from peoples comments or actions that  come from another individual. My son is only 5 years old right now, but sooner then later he will be asking for his own social media accounts. As a mother we all want to protect our kids from seeing and reading certain things. I think the number one rule is to keep open communication with your children. Don’t over protect or talk down to them, we don’t want to create fear, lets create trust.  We want our kids to feel comfortable enough to approach us with any questions or concerns.

  1. Predators

There are sick people that sit behind their computers and hunt for those who are vulnerable.  The scary part is that anyone who is online and has personal pictures and information accessible can easily become a victim too.  These predators have a system they follow, they know who to go for and what to say.  They are disguised as nice friendly people. Beware of scammers and predators.

  1. Addictive

Being on social media, following people, posting and trying to keep up with everyone else and the latest trends is time consuming and addicting.  What makes social media addiction worse is that it causes isolation. It also hinders you from actually enjoying the present moment.  People become so obsessed with catching the perfect moment, that in reality it causes you to miss the experience of living in the moment.  I once went to a concert, the music was so good and the explosions of smoke and confetti were amazing.  But when I took a look around to enjoy the moment with my friends everyone was too busy recording or taking selfies. Then I realized the entire room was doing the same thing.

Another addicting habit, people that sleep with their phones. This is the one thing that Willy does. I always have to make sure I remove the phone from under his pillow  or from his arm.  Not only because of radiation, but its dangerous, phones now and days catch fire or over heat.  The best is sleeping with the wifi off! Sometimes I turn it off, and let me tell you, its the best sleep my entire family gets. But I don’t ever tell them, everyone freaks out “what you mean no wifi?” so I wait till everyone is sound asleep. Try it! Nothing is better then a good deep sleep for your entire family.

In conclusion, social media can either make you or break you.  When you expose yourself to the world be ready for the good and bad. But most importantly set a good example and remember you have the power to control what you access and what you provide the world to see. For your own health, learn how to limit and separate yourself from the screen once in a while. For your own health learn to live in the moment.


“Practice what you post”

Have a happy and healthy hump day!


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  • This is so so true! I use social media for business and to learn and be inspired. The first time I heard about fast fashion was on YouTube, I get vegan meal ideas from instagram, YouTube, etc. I love it. But at the same time people are raising our consciousness about the world, there are even more people promoting the exact opposite. My daughter watches hauls and things and then thinks that to be “cool” or accepted she needs to go on these shopping sprees and own tons and tons of nonsense. You are so right. It’s all about how you use it and choosing things that will uplift or inspire you. (Also, I have my router hooked up to an outlet that corresponds to a switch so I turn my wifi off every once in a while, but have you seen that study with seeds and wifi? I’m going to start turning it off entirely at night like you too!)

    • Hi Valerie!
      Yes! I am so glad I am not the only one who feels so strongly about this! Thank you for stopping by! And Lets make sure we keep a close eye on our little ones and what they are feeding their brans!


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