Re-wire your mind

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Our thoughts are a very powerful thing. In the words of Buddha, “What you think you become, what you feel you will attract…”.  Try to  think and attract only the good and positive, I know it’s easier said then done. But it is truly possible.

5 Ways to re-wire your mind

This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I personally use and believe in. If you buy via them, at no cost to you,  I receive a little something to help support this blog.

We all have this annoying “voice” in our heads. You know, that little voice that loves to make sure you are aware of ALL the things that can go wrong before you even make the first step. Or the voice that is constantly reminding you of the pain you have endured in the past. When you allow this inner voice to take over, it leaves very little space for you to live  and enjoy your present moment.  Ignore it, prove it wrong that’s when it starts to loose its power. Only then you will realize that you are learning to control your thoughts and not the other way around.

  1. Think of all the GOOD that will come out from your decisions

It is only normal to feel fear or doubt when you are planning to make a move or a change in your life.  Just take the time out to remember what is your goal.  More importantly how will you feel when you accomplish that goal.  The memory of  how something makes us feel is the what our hearts and mind record. Just think of a time where you won something, how good you felt and how you relive that  moment every time you share your experience with someone.  One thing  I always ask myself when I need that extra push is “If I don’t do this right now, will the future me regret it?”

  1. Let go of anger FAST, no grudges

Letting go of anger is one of my big ones. I started to realize how my thoughts were making me mad, or annoyed.  My first reaction would be to shut off and point out all wrong on others. But I have learned that in this world you can not control other people’s actions, you can only control how you react to them. Staying in anger only hurts you.  I recognized that anger was robbing me of all my good energy, while the person, place or thing that made me upset goes unphased.  Everyone gets upset or sad,  it’s just part of life.  I always tell myself, I am not allowed to stay there!  The biggest mistake you can make is deciding to live in anger.  The reality is,  you might never get the apology you deserve or you might never get all the answers you want. That’s ok,  because you have no control of anything else but yourself. I have learned so many of these tips when I read the book that changed my life,  The Power of Now.  I want you to know that problems create pain, love yourself and refuse to create more pain in your life.

  1. Listen to music, put your thoughts to the side, until you can come back to them with a better attitude

Music is my therapy! Literally I love all music, put my headphones on and escape reality for a little bit! I don’t drink coffee, I am a Yogi Tea girl, but music gives me the rush and push to get motivated. There’s different types of music which can change your state of mind.  There is music that will make you feel mellow and relaxed, and then there is music that gets you excited.  For me music makes me feel alive and empowered. Whether you are listening, singing, or dancing along music is a natural boost to your physical and mental health.

  1. Remember you don’t have to show up to every battle

Does this sound familiar?  “It is not worth the fight, or “choose your battles”

Well I’m here to tell you the same thing! In life we will find ourselves having to fight so many battles or demons.  But to be honest with you, 90% of the time that fight is not even yours.  It might be the other person’s problem or demon attacking your space and energy.  Sometimes people put their  insecurities or anger onto you. I have learned that hurt people, tend to hurt people. But know the difference between walking away from a problem, and having to defend yourself from harm.

  1. Don’t focus on your past; it made you strong today

We all have a past, some have broken us, but for everyone our past has helped us get to where we are today. With hardships and struggles comes life lessons. I strongly believe that if you don’t go through some type of pain your are not growing as a person.  I have found myself in uncomfortable situations.  This means change needed to happen.  Figure out how to remove yourself,  and not have the situation repeated.  If you find yourself focusing on the past and suffering over and over again, just remember to be grateful.  Yes Grateful! Be happy it happened, because today your are still here.  Hopefully you have learned what you will not tolerate.  But most importantly you have realized that all the scars you have are proof of survival.


Always remember the three C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes

“You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change


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