The Soul Behind Healthy Hump Day

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Last week, I interviewed Brennon, from Just Brennon Blog. I received lots of feedback and many people enjoyed it.  We discussed the importance of self-care and the different ways you can implement it into your life. Another connection we shared was our  passion on gratitude. We both strongly believe that being grateful from the smallest to the biggest things in life are essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This blogging journey has been a blessing in so many ways. My only hope for any blog post I create is to help, inform and teach different ways to help you practice a positive healthy life. I want to share the interview Brennon did on me. I felt very comfortable to open up and answer all her questions in depth. Brennon even touched on my blog name, Healthy Hump Day which I shared below.  I feel that this is something many people have yet to ask about and I find a way to in describe it..  During my interview I answered questions on the importance of gratitude, self-growth and happiness.

Below is a snippet, but you can click here for the entire  interview


Juny and I connected on Instagram over our passion for self-care. Her openness about her journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) touched me in ways I can’t explain; she’s shown me just how strong a person can be. In addition to this, I appreciate her uplifting and inspiring Instagram posts regarding the importance of self-care and gratitude.

So, without further adieu, my interview with Juny…

How did you arrive at Healthy Hump Day for your blog?

This is a great question!

Wednesdays to me have always been very meaningful. My son was born on a Wednesday, my fiancé proposed on a Wednesday, my MS symptoms all started on a Wednesday night, my fiancé’s day off from work is Wednesday, and so date night is usually….you guessed it, on Wednesday.

I knew when I decided to start a blog I wanted it to be on the infamous, hump day. My goal was to share my journey on physical and emotional health. from that … Healthy Hump Day was born.


What are you waiting for? Hop on over to Just Brennon Blog to learn more and read the rest of the interview


“Good things are going to happen”


Peace Happy Self carre



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