Choose Happiness

In life if you want something you have to go for it, you have to push yourself against all odds and get it. No, it may not be easy, but it is possible. Happiness is created, and once created it must be nourished, and that’s the only way you will see it flourish. You will face times and moments of doubt, of sadness or fear, but those emotions can pass by if you just continue to pursue your happiness. Below I list the 5 simple ways I used to not only feel happier but most important it helped me maintain my happiness.

Healthy Relationships

Every relationship we have in our lives is a working progress. The bringing of two people may not always be a smooth ride. Now that doesn’t mean that you must continue on that specific ride, but it does mean you have to make some necessary changes for a smoother one. Relationships are not always romantical,  the truth is that friendships, family relationships, co-workers,  are all core parts of our daily lives.  But the relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one of all. Regardless of the type of relationship you are dealing with, they must ALL be re-evaluated. There came a point in my life when I had to sit down question and ask myself:

What am I contributing to this relationship?

What am I learning from this relationship?

Is this relationship disturbing my peace?